Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In the Chinese New Year spirit, roast duck

Years ago, I made a promse to myself that I would attempt to create the Frankensteinian culinary monstrosity that is a turducken following my tenth roast bird.

In recent years, I've lost track of what number I'm actually at, but I'm fairly certain that the roast duck I made last night is either the tenth, or over.

So, do I feel courageous enough to attempt the fabled turducken? In a word, no. Not yet, but the siren's call of a tri-fowl concoction will not be forever denied.

I do think I'll try my hand at a duck confit some time in the near future 'though.



At Thu Feb 22, 10:09:00 am GMT-5, Anonymous Kevin said...

Would it be appropriate do deep fry a turduckin or would that just not work?

Maybe next year I could hold a kick-off party for the Daytona 500 by deep frying a turduckin. We can have an official redneck day! :)

At Thu Feb 22, 11:04:00 am GMT-5, Blogger ghanima said...

Given that a finished turducken weighs in around 25lbs, and fills up a large aluminum roasting pan, I'm going to say that deep-frying might not be the best way to cook one. Plus, it would take forever.

At Thu Feb 22, 04:40:00 pm GMT-5, Anonymous brew-san said...

As cool as a deep fried Turducken sounds I'm inclinded to agree.. Considering how thick and dense a turducken would be I imagine trying to fry one would leave you with a very raw chicken on the inside or a very burnt Turkey on the outside.

At Fri Feb 23, 11:47:00 am GMT-5, Anonymous Kevin said...

Yeah, that's sort of what I figured. :(


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