Thursday, September 21, 2006

A piece of (wedding) cake

Aside from a minor hiccup on the weekend (where Matt abruptly decided that he'd be inviting his extended family, after all), the wedding plans have been coming along quite smoothly. I think that's mostly to be attributed to the fact that it's going to be in another country, with the majority of the details falling squarely in the realm of our hosts. It's nice to have a road-trip-style vacation to look forward to!

Matt has chosen to give me most of the control over the "reception" plans (in quotes because it'll occur about a month after the wedding itself), and I'm currently in the process of figuring out just what the hell I want out of it. As it'll probably occur in the month of May, it's not going to be in an outdoor venue, and I'm still sorting out other venue options. It turns out that the condo party room I had in mind can't hold as many people as we're expecting (never mind how many we're inviting)!

I'm also torn between going with caterers who oversee every minute food detail (thereby assuring that I won't have to get involved in those plans at all), or opting for a wide range of simple food that we take-out from various establishments across town. The advantage to this is that it won't cost as much as catering, and the food selection is sure to be varied, but the downside is that the onus is on us to store, transport and -- in some cases -- reheat the food.

I have yet to get around to figuring out how to serve alcoholic beverages!

Ah well, after that's sorted out, the rest of the details should be easy!

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At Fri Sep 22, 11:37:00 am GMT-4, Anonymous Kevin said...

Well as long as the beverages are all sorted out... people may not even notice what's been done with the food. :D

At Fri Sep 22, 02:08:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger ghanima said...

Fair enough, but I'm not really the type to ignore the food situation, am I? :)

At Mon Sep 25, 09:46:00 am GMT-4, Anonymous stacy said...

Hey...I just realized a huge benefit to having the reception later. You won't have to wear the same freakin' dress all day, having the boning pop out and dig into your skin causing you to bleed. good times!

Catering is pretty expensive, eh? Especially in the GTA. On the other hand, you're not gonna want to worry about what to reheat and when...especially if you're drunk. not that you would be like that, ever.


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