Thursday, July 05, 2007

A week in review...culinary edition

  • Sourdough: two loaves, 3 hours on second-rise. Best results yet.

  • Friday
  • Non-dairy green tea ice cream: soy milk, silken tofu, vanilla, green tea powder (from Ten Ren's in Chinatown), stevia to sweeten. Disappointingly full of ice crystals, flavour just right 'though. Mental note: next attempt will use coconut milk to increase fat content, creaminess.

  • Saturday
  • Strawberries: picking, followed by canning. Jam runnier than expected, probably due to too little sugar.

  • Sunday
  • Sourdough: hamburger buns. Not enough proofing-time. Buns dense, too sweet for my liking.

  • Monday
  • Ratatouille: used Ontario produce picked up from strawberry farm, plus organic black olives and yellow peppers.

  • Tuesday
  • Copper tamago pan — ordered from Japan — picked up from post office.

  • Wednesday
  • Dill pickles: After two-day soak in ice-cold, salt-water brine, sliced dill cucumbers added to brine, garlic and dill solution, then canned.



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