Friday, May 25, 2007

A lot on my mind...
...not a lot to blog about

I'm wondering how many other people are running into the same conundrum as I am: I'm still — unfortunately — undergoing more than my fair share of "character building" experience, and am uncertain about how discreet I ought to be about it. Mostly, I look back on the entries I was posting a little under a year ago, when I first started this blog, and am heartbroken that life just isn't that simple any more. I've still got a lot of slogging left before I come to the end of the turmoil.

In the meantime, I'm finally through enough of the pre-wedding chore/task backlog that I have mostly leisure activities left to attend to (i.e., books and movies I've been meaning to get to for months). So, while I am looking forward to free time, the emotional drain that will result from being able to stop and reflect on the direction my life has taken in recent months is unwelcome (but necessary).

Here's to hoping my summer isn't a wash.



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